Flight Prep Chart Case Pro
Flight Prep Chart Case Pro HIT Synthetic Vision
Flight Prep Chart Case Pro Standard Features
-Chart, Plate, and Procedure Management
-Moving Map
-Traffic Alerts (from Zaon XRX)
-In-Cockpit XM/WX Weather
-HITS (Highway in the sky) Synthetic Vision
-Terrain Awareness
-Virtual Instrument Tape Overlay
-User Defined Checklists
-All Charts (Except SIDs and STARs) Geo-Referenced
-Available Data Sets
-Instrument Procedures
-Airport Diagrams
-VFR Sectionals
-Terminal Area Charts (TAC's)
-World Aeronautical Charts (WAC's)
-IFR Low/High Enroute Charts
-Satellite View Charts
-Flight Planning
-Chart, Plate, Trip Kit, Flight Log printing
-More flexibility and options for updates than any other option on the market
Chart Case Pro Makes a Perfect Panel Mount Aviation GPS System
Price: $2,295 w/software
Price Includes
-Full Version of Chart Case Pro

-One Year of Updates

Chart Case Pro In Split Screen View