X650 With Mountain Scope
ADS-B View:
With an optional ADS-B transceiver, you can have subscription free weather and traffic information displayed on screen.  Mountain scope was the first PC based system to have this feature, and remains the most experienced.
Windshield View:
Or, split screen view, gives both the synthetic vision view, and map view.  The user interface is simple, and intuitive.
Full Screen View:
Crisp, clear, graphics make Mountain scope the ultimate for situational awareness.  Install this system in your panel for a full 3D synthetic vision solution at the touch of a button.
EFIS Arc View:
All navigation information and terrain warnings on one large, easy to read screen.  
Price w/software: $2,495
Basic System Features:
Color Moving Map
Windshield View
3D Synthetic Vision
Simulated Localizers
Simulator Mode
Flight Planning
High-res Terrain
Class B/C/D/E Airspace
Special-use airspace
Updatable FAA and worldwide databases
FREE FAA Plates and Airport Diagrams
Red/yellow shaded terrain warnings
TFR display
International Coverage
Route Tracking
US Roads and Urban Areas
Autopilot output

XM Weather View:
MountainScope can connect to an XM weahter receiver to display NexRad radar, lightning strikes, storm cell tracking, METARs, TAFs, and TFRs on the moving map. This makes for an unmatched integrated view of terrain and weather for better situational awareness.

Mountain Scope Capabilities:
Full AHRS situational awareness
ADS-B Transceiver for free Weather and Traffic.
XM Weather Receiver for the ultimate in weather information