PocketFMS World Wide Solution
Price w/software: $2,395
Price Includes
PocketFMS Fusion:
The software remains functional permanently.
It includes all available updates in the first 6 months from purchase (Support Period). After that, Data and Program updates can be purchased to remain up to date.

Update cost is: $80 It includes all program updates, maps ,and Aerodata.
A one month Aero Data Subscription is: $20
Standard Features
Advanced Flight Planning:
You can plan an unlimited number of legs per Flight Plan, and rely on automatic Flight Plan reversal.
Advanced Flight Execution:
You're constantly aware of your present situation, creating more time for your other cockpit duties.
Use an unlimited number of Airplane Definitions:
Weight and balance, fuel calculations, etc.
World Navigation database:
The professionally maintained, world-covering AeroDatabase holds airports, runways, NavAids, frequencies, obstacles, place names, airspaces - the works. It is updated every 2 hours instead of the conventional 28 or 56 days.
2 Highly customizable Moving Map displays:
The most customizable  Moving Map displays in the industry, allow you to see exactly what you need. Automatic decluttering per zoomlevel is performed to provide the clearest Moving Map view while still providing all required information.
Advanced Weather briefing & Meteo data integration:
Compute the density altitude, pressure altitude and actual winds aloft, even in flight.