SkyDemon Easy To See, Easy To Use
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High Contrast Graphics For Unsurpassed Readability
Pop Up Warnings for Terrain, Obstacles, and Airspace
Airport Information and Runway Orientation At The Touch Of A Button
Click  The “Static Info” Button for Full  Airport Information As Found In The Airport Facilities Directory
SkyDemon Package
Price w/software: $2,395
Price Includes
Sky Demon Software:
SkyDemon flight-planning software for your home PC and Helm X650, and access to SkyDemon Web flight-planning software from PCs and Macs everywhere.  Plus, GPS navigation capabilities, on the Helm X650. Includes one year of chart updates, software upgrades, NOTAM and weather subscription.

One Year Subscription Renewal: $140.00 US
(price subject to exchange rates)
Software That Is So Intuitive That Any One Can Get In The Plane And Use It Without Need Of A Manual
Standard Features
Adaptive Vector Charts
There is no clearer presentation of enroute aeronautical data than SkyDemon vector charts. Moving the map around to explore it is as simple as dragging on the screen, with fast response and redraw speeds. It can be rotated so that track is up with no loss of clarity, and textual labels always remain the right way up so you can still read them.
Most map features can be turned on and off to suit your preference. Airspace that is not relevant to your planned or current levels is automatically hidden for clarity. Our charts include much more data than is actually displayed, and all that data is available for inspection by simply touching the screen.
Virtual Radar
SkyDemon pioneered this feature where virtual pings are sent out as you fly, and the return includes information on terrain, obstacles, airspace, NOTAM and other features that lie ahead. This information is displayed in the Virtual Radar instrument just below the main map and it powers most of the in-flight warnings that you may see.
Airspace Warnings
When approaching a piece of airspace a colour-coded warning is displayed and you are shown a callsign and frequency (where available) to gain penetration. Further information on the airspace is always available at the touch of a button.
Obstruction Warnings
When approaching a fixed ground-based obstacle a warning is displayed with an advisory level to climb to for avoidance. Thresholds for when such warnings are displayed are fully configurable.
NOTAM Warnings
When approaching an area covered by a NOTAM a warning is displayed allowing you to view the details associated with the notice.
Terrain Warnings
When approaching terrain either from above or from the side, a warning is displayed and your path relative to the terrain is clearly visible in the instrument.
Easy to Use
The skyDemon Software is so easy to use, that anyone could get into an aircraft equipped with a HelmX650 and SkyDemon software, and immediately navigate without the need for a manual. It is a big advantage if the other people flying with you are able to assist in the cockpit by operating the GPS system without you needing to give them a course before the flight.