Intuitive Situational Awareness
*** Patent Pending ***
Do you want the safety and convenience of airborne traffic displayed in the cockpit? Xtreme Vision provides the most accurate and intuitive traffic display available today.
Based on the FAA's NextGen air traffic control system called ADS-B, Xtreme Vision provides the same traffic as shown on the ATC radar screens, displayed in an intuitive, 3D environment. One glance at the display is typically all that is required to get a sense of where to look for potentially threatening traffic in the air. No more reading and interpreting an abstract data block on a flat, 2D window.
SkyVision Xtreme has developed and tested the Xtreme Vision display with the NavWorx ADS600-B transceiver, as well as the Garmin GDL-90 transceiver — currently the only two ADS-B (out) UAT solutions on the market.
Don't be fooled by ADS-B receiver only solutions that do not show ADS-B Traffic. If you want consistent ADS-B traffic in the cockpit you must have ADS-B "Out" as well as ADS-B "In'
There also are some solutions on the market now that only show the legacy weather products as opposed to the full slate of available ADS-B Weather products. This may be acceptable to you but you should make an informed buying decision. So spend the time to understand the value, cost vs. features, that you are buying. Skyvision Xtreme gives you all the ADS-B weather products as well as traffic in both 2D and 3D.