Available Software Combo:
TrueMap software from True Flight is famous for giving the pilot the information they want, in an easy to use format.  Great graphics, and  the most comprehensive list of capabilities that you will find in any display, makes this software the perfect choice for a Panel Mount Aviation GPS/EFB.  Options include traffic avoidance, weather, and full 3 axis attitude solution with highway in the sky navigation.
Mountain Scope :
MountainScope and the Helm X650 make the ideal Panel Mount Aviation GPS/EFB.  Designed from the outset by an instrument-rated pilot, who was looking for specific things, easy-to-Read information, high-resolution 3d terrain (that makes terrain features identifiable out the window), terrain warnings in red and yellow, and a focus on high performance, so you're never waiting on the software to catch up with the aircraft.  
Flight Prep Chart Case:
Chart Case is loaded with features such as Sectional, Wac, Tac, and IFR charts.  It has a 3D highway in the sky functions.  This software even has satellite imagery.  Chart Case Aviation GPS/EFB software has won the Consumer Aviation award for Best EFB software two years running.  It is a great choice for a Panel Mount installation.
Symbolic Flight 3D Synthetic Vision
What you see is where you are. It’s that straightforward
Terrain? Obstacles? Controlled Airspace? Always visible at a glance.  On Approach? If the picture matches your mental image, you’ve got it nailed.  What’s on the other side of that hill? Pop up 10,000 feet and get a BirdsEye view
Supports Zaon XRX PCAS.  The Ultimate 3D Panel Mount Aviation GPS solution.
PocketFMS  World Wide Solution
A Flight Planner & Aviation GPS Moving Map software package, with world wide coverage,  that makes flight planning a breeze: plotting your route, incorporating weather information, computing performance, weight & balance and fuel consumption, suggesting alternates; PocketFMS greatly reduces the heavy work.  This would make a great panel mount aviation gps.
The ultimate combination of readability, navigation, and briefing capability. SkyDemon and the X650 are designed to lessen your workload, protect you against hazards and give you the information you need when you need it.  An unbeatable combo in a Panel Mount Aviation GPS.
Anywhere Map
Anywhere Map is the Ultimate in user friendly navigation software.  It is now available with Ultra TAS Terrain and Section Charts.  For powerful, proven, navigation, it can not be beat. Install the X650 with Anywhere Map in your panel for the ultimate in an aviation gps.
SkyVision Extreme
The new ADS-B system displays subscription free weather and traffic information.  SkyVision Extreme provides a graphic interface that is leading this new technology.  It displays all of the weather information and a 3-D view of other air traffic.  It displays distance, speed, altitude and all pertinent traffic information to aid in collision avoidance.  This is an indispensable piece of safety equipment.  Note: requires ADS-B receiver.
Basic Windows XP System
This is the basic X650 with the Windows XP operating system installed.  The user can install the software of their choice to make a custom panel mount, or yoke mount, in air information system.