What you see is where you are at all times Perpetually VFR

-Waypoint list; cycles automatically or manually
 at your     option
-Data Blocks
-Altitude, GroundSpeed, Distance and ETE to
 current waypoint
-Destination ETE and distance
-Bird dog indicator, Bearing and Track to
 current waypoint
-Climb and Glide Indicator shows angle to
 current waypoint
-VSR required to reach current waypoint
-Pause to add new waypoints when flying
-IMU engages for pitch and roll with supported
-VNAV adds PAPI, heads-up glideslope to the
-Terrain Warning displays distance to aim point
-TouchScreen View Control—keyboard
 equivalents also enabled
-Look Down/30 Down tilts the view
-Raise and lower the viewpoint when looking
-Level brings the view back to straight forward
 at current altitude
-Sectional overlays terrain with Sectional chart
-Direction switches view left, right, or behind
-BirdsEye raises your view high above your
 current position to let you see far ahead and
 over intervening mountains or hills
-Select features to display in Google Earth
-Set Options while flying
The Ultimate 3D Synthetic Vision System
Full Support of Optional AHRS for The Ultimate 3D Attitude Synthetic Vision